Personal Development

What if you knew that if you changed your mindset, you could achieve ANYTHING you want? This can easily be done through PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. This is what the most successful people in the world do every day to start their day with a positive, goal-oriented mindset. I HIGHLY recommend the book “Miracle Morning” as your first book! This will change your life in SO many ways and almost overnight — just read the nearly 2K reviews on Amazon see what I mean. If you’ve read this one or are ready for another one, I recommend reading ‘The Compound Effect‘, ‘No Excuses’, ‘The Slight Edge‘ or Chalene Johnson’s ‘PUSH. While this step is optional, reading personal development throughout this journey WILL make a world of a difference!

My TOP recommendations to read FIRST when you’re starting a new journey:

Struggling with CONFIDENCE?   

Daily Discipline:  

Time Management:  




Goal Setting:  

Understanding Nutrition and Clean Eating:  

Binge Eating/Emotional Eating: 

Struggle with Food Boredom and/or New Recipes:

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